What to do in a wild bear encounter

Bear encounters happen a lot and when you least expect it. They tend to have aggressive behaviour, which makes the situation a matter of life and death. In these situations, it is better to be trained or prepared for what could happen. Firing a gun with 223 ammo Australia hunters use could be handy.

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Prepare to shoot

Professional hunters are trained and are licensed to hunt. They have the necessary skills when a bear encounter happens or any wild animal surprise during their hunting trip. Hunting is not entirely illegal as there are some places where it is allowed legally.

Guns and ammunition

If you encounter a bear for your hunting trip, you need to be prepared to shoot. But before shooting anything, you need to have a gun first and not just any gun but a hunting rifle. A rifle is there for a reason, it is for you to aim and hit your target at a longer and safe distance.

Selecting a hunting rifle is easier with various rifle stocks Australia gun store ‘The Barn’ is offering. There are actually two types of rifle, the air and firearm, so do not be confused between the two.

An air rifle is usually a non-life endangering type because it utilizes pellets as ammo and uses compressed air technique. Compared to the actual rifle where bullets are used as ammo and use deflagration of combustible projectiles.

Both types of rifles can be used in hunting. If you are looking for 223 ammo Australia hunters normally use, you may visit https://www.thebarn.net.au/categories/Factory+Ammunition/30. What’s good about the website is that you can also get reloading equipment, different types of gun and ammo variations, and even outdoor accessories.

The Barn offers various 223 ammo Australia gun enthusiasts can choose from. Some of them are American Eagle 50GR 223 Varmint Tip, Buffalo River 55gr Sierra Game King 223 Ammo Can, and Remington 223 55gr PSP, to name a few.

Stay calm

Firing a gun during a random bear encounter could be an option. If escape is possible, then you have to do it, especially if you have no gun in hand. Assess the situation and calmly think of possibilities where you can outsmart a bear. Using physical force just won’t cut it.

If you know there is a chance of a random wild animal sighting or encounter, it is best to hike with a group or bring friends with you.

Knowing what type of bear you encounter is also important. Grizzly bears tend to be more aggressive than black bears. They will want to take you out; therefore, in case you don’t have anything to defend yourself, you should just curl into a ball and just lie motionless, pretending to be dead.

On the other hand, you can trick black bears. You must stand your ground and appear larger and more intimidating. You have to stretch your jacket as much as possible and make loud noises in order to frighten the black bear.

In the end, if you love hunting and going on outdoor trips, it is best to bring friends with you and train on how to handle unexpected situations. It’s also good to learn how to prepare gun and ammo for possible self-defenceuse.