Security tips to prevent criminals from breaking in your garage

Installing quality roller doors is just the beginning of garage security for your Melbourne home. You still need to make sure that burglars can’t easily get inside. This involves blocking all their possible entry ways, and can even potentially help you catch them. You should make sure that criminals can’t break your doors with only few kicks as well.

Note that the garage is a common vulnerable spot for criminals to break in. It doesn’t simply put your precious car and tools at risk, but it gives easy access to your main house area too. Of course, you don’t want to give them any chance, do you?

Don’t invite criminals to come in your home: Note these garage security tips

Note these garage security tips to prevent burglars from entering your Melbourne home:

Install quality roller garage doors

Begin by installing Melbourne roller garage doors on your property. Be sure to choose one which is durable enough to withstand forceful entry. For example, it should not fall down easily with few kicks, or with the use of hammering tools. Moreover, it should last long without too much wear and tear, so you can trust it without the need for replacement.

Install garage door openers with rolling codes

Automated garage door openers involve the use of passcodes that you should input to open the door. But many criminals can easily hack through old generations of these openers. They can use simple guessing games, or use code grabbing technology. A code grabber is a device that can hack into your opener’s signal, and transmit the code for the burglar to see.

Openers with rolling code technology involve remotes that transmit new security codes whenever you press on it. This often involves billion of codes, thus protecting Melbourne garage doors against code grabbing. Click here ECO Garage Doors

Install manual locks on your garage doors

This is best if you need to leave the house for a long time. You can install C-clamp at the bottom of your roller doors, then buy a padlock for it. Yes, advance garage door openers can protect your property. But, additional security features won’t hurt.

Install security cameras and alarms

Adding security cameras and alarms won’t simply help you scare off criminals. It can help you record their faces as well, and act as legal evidence when necessary. It’s still best to have some more cards to play if any burglar managed to break your garage doors.

Have a wide-angled peep hole

What would you do if you hear some ruckus outside your garage doors? Instead of opening the roller doors, you can simply look through a peep hole. That can keep you away from harm, while letting you see what’s happening outside. This also helps you to know who is ringing the doorbells before opening the door right away.

Secure the door to your home from the garage

Failing to secure the door from the garage to the main home area is a common mistake of many Melbourne homeowners. This is an invitation for burglars to come inside your home, instead of simply wasting time in the garage. Thus, you should put a deadbolt lock on it to prevent criminals from coming into your house.

Remember these tips so you can keep criminals away from your home and garage. This can help protect your car, your other properties and the safety of your family. And if you have better luck, you can catch and know who are trying to intrude your house too.

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