Consulting Services for Business Succession in Japan

Business succession planning is one of the most important phases in many businesses.  It is the key to the longevity of any business and is a complex and multi-faceted process that involves not only the transitioning to new management in the business, but also finances, solutions and even tax obligations. As a result, business succession normally involves a considerable amount of planning, paperwork, manpower and execution process that must be carried out with business precision so as not to jeopardize any aspect of the operation of the business.
Business Succession
Businesses must consider a sound succession planning advice and consultancy services when planning for business succession. Some of the main issues that must be factored in when it comes to business succession include the valuation of the business assets and liabilities, identification of the business succession issues, selection of proper succession plan, establishing the plans and the implementation of the business succession plan itself to realize the desired goal. A business that does not undergo a proper and optimal succession planning will face many problems in the future and may easily go down under. This is why succession planning is a very important subject matter for many businesses in Japan.
A Shared Vision
The key to a smooth and seamless business succession is the presence of a shared vision between the outgoing managers and the incoming management cadres or business owners.  Every company has a management philosophy that defines the reason for its existence. The management vision however, has to do with “what” aspects of your business and will generally refer to the steps that you have to take to realize your management philosophy. Business succession Tokyo services must thus ensure that there is a congruency in vision and philosophy for both the incoming team and outgoing team.
At certain stages in the business succession, it will be necessary that the two sets of management teams do a “relay” handover by working side by side with each other. This overlap in the transition process allows the new management team to learn firsthand from the old team. Business succession Nagoya service offers this kind “relay” succession to so as to help you optimize on your succession planning.
Share ownership issues
 Resolving the issue of share ownership of the company is a core part during business succession planning. The successor must have a substantial share ownership so as to carry out their functions more effectively. As a result, a key part of the business succession process is asset valuation along with planning for tax purposes.  The share takeover must be well planned and proceed in an organized and gradual manner.  Some assets are very difficult to subdivide. These include assets such as real estate and share ownership in those companies that are listed. Inheriting the management of such businesses can create a legal landmine. Business succession advisors have considerable experience handling such complex inheritance issues during the business succession process.
A business succession advisor will also assist you in implementing this process with an experienced team of succession consultants and lawyers so as to avoid any future issues or disputes that may arise.  For more information on business succession services in Japan, check out