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Links to other areas of the site are located - Top and Bottom of every page.

If you need to make a note of the page URL [e.g http] it's at the Bottom of every page.

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There is also the Quick Index A - Z throughout the product section.

The Contents page contains links to all the main areas within MWS Online.

Look also for inline text links to related topics and products which may be of interest.

Future Updates

MWS Online will soon be able offer a Shopping Cart facility.

Corporate Clients can obtain access to a Corporate database - password protected for added security.

Updates to MWS Online will be monthly - during this initial development phase.

Our ultimate goal of configuring our extensive product database online - to be updated daily, weekly, monthly and after manufacturer alterations during May and September - will commence early 1999.

View the What's New file or stay informed by subscribing to our News Bulletin newsletter to receive the latest information with your E-mail!

More new products and resources will continue to be added.

Your One Stop

So make MWS Online your one stop for all your office equipment - from Adhesive & Shredders to Telephones and Zip Disks.

For all Corporate Offices - Small Businesses - Home Office and your back to School requirements!

Build Your Profile

Help us to build a profile for you so we at MWS can assist you further and be able to offer a greater degree of Service Committment dedicated to you!

So Don't Be Left Out?



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Telephone:- 0 [1252] 737226
Facsimile:- 0 [1252] 737278
E-mail:- [email protected]
NB VAT Not Included Unless Indicated.

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